Monday, March 14, 2022

Final Post

OH WOW, it has been over a quarter of a century...
[...let me pause to process that...]

I first came to Park Rapids,MN in the fall of 1994 [Thanksgiving Break].  I was a college student, and my first connection with FB - Faithbridge Church & Faith Student Ministry FSM [then Faith Baptist - Rock-Solid Youth Group], was on a frozen pond playing broomball with kids from the Youth Group.  I would connect a couple more times, guest speaking, retreats etc..., before moveing permanently in 1996. 
I considered my move to Minnesota as a missionary plant - but had no idea that we would take up a more permanent residency here in the Northwoods.  As I reflect on the last 20+ years - I believe God has gifted us with a Fruitfilled-Life, makeing this "home" for the better part of my livelyhood.  It has been a great community to raise our children, and our extended family @ Faithbridge has no doubt been the catylist for so much growth in our lives.  Though we are grieved to leave so abruptly due to unforseen circumstances, we will forever treasure the memories and relationships that have deeply impacted our lives.  This is the final post of the QnR blog (  It dates way back 2013-2022, and before that we had an archived website ( from 2003-2012.  There are additional social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify) that also tracks the last decades as well, some of them are still archived, while others of them no longer exist do to membership fees.
I wanted this final QnR post to offer some encouragement and hyperlinks to NEXT things...

Encouragement - FSM or whatever new name it may transition to will always have a tender spot in my heart.  I'm so grateful for the ADULT-LEADERS who put up with my antics, and assisted the maturation of so many students over the years.  I'm so proud of the legacy that STUDENTS have left at FSM. By and large, so many students have went on to have Kingdom Sized contributions, many of them pressing into ministry & missions far beyond our expectations... 
May God continue to multiply the Student Ministry in the decades to come.

HYPERLINKS - FSM & the Campbells will continue to archive and jounal into the future... so here are a few links to follow forward or flashback to yesteryear.  

FSM Hyperlinks

QnR Podcast 4 Seasons of Student Lead QnR Teaching

TMI Podcast Students picking up after season 4 

Bible Project Podcasts Our Favorite GO-TO Podcast

eXpO [Exhibition Game] Nights Original Creations from FSM

FSM MISSIONS [Domestic & Overseas] 2 Decades of Missions

Missional ADVENTURES - Video Archive Video Captures & Reports

FSM Sonrise Services - Archive 2 Decades of Sonrise Services

Virtual QnR - Video Archive A mix of Staff & Student Teaching

Camp Counselor Training Tools Staff Training and Retreats

RECON Missional Shift DocuMission (Season 2)

FIRST ASCENT DocuMission (Season 1)

BOLD Identity Short Film 

Campbell Carrier Hyperlinks 2015 - 2020 Family Missional Vlog

Campbell Carrier - Video Archive Snapshots from the Campbells

Phil Campbell - YouTube Channel Exhaustive Video Archive

Linktree - @CampbellCarrier HyperLink Archive Phil's Next Journey [Vlog]

Vantage Point Strategies - Video Business-As-Missions [BAM]

Phil's Manuscripts
Sabbatical Project(s)

May God's Favor continue to lead 
the endeavors of Faith Student Ministry.


Pastor Phil

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Super Sledding & the Big Game

Pre-Game 3-5pm

Sledding @ Sleens
16965 154th Street
Park Rapids, MN 56470

Back to Church 
for the Big Game
5pm - end of the game

Testimonies - guest speaker: Dave Vocelka


Wednesday, February 2, 2022


hanging out with Tori (daddy / daughter date)
and ended up skating with some of the gang...

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

DIVERGENT eXpO game nt.

NEW FSM original eXpO game